77 Serge Doreleijers. Reserve officier Korps Mariniers

Project Officer, : UN, VNO-NCW (Dutch Employers´ Organization) and The Platform Defense – Dutch Business Community , LtCol. .

I worked with Rob in early post war Bosnia under sometimes difficult and dangerous conditions in order to re-develop local authorities and business after the war.


For the dutch contingent at that time Rob was our mentor, 'mental coach' and 'point vocale' with who you could always share all your problems resulting from the many times 'confronting' experiences as a result of our work in a fresh post-conflict area.


Rob's wisdom, mentor and companionship, as well as his excellent coaching skills together with his no-nonse approach, made that we were all able to do our jobs in the best way possible.

Rob is truly a visionair, a person you can rely on.  



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