14 Roel Been. Koninklijke Landmacht

Chief of Staff, Inspector General of the Netherlands Armed Forces.


I was employed in Bosnia Herzegovina as branch chief CIMIC in SFOR 10 mission where I first met Rob Sentse.

A very bright and eager guy who was working on a new project to bring Bosnian veterans into contact with local care-givers.


Nearly nobody in BiH had ever heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and nobody understood or even mentioned PTSD.

So this was a very unique project which was invented and initiated by Rob Sentse in which he acted way beyond the boundaries of his daily responsibilities.


He perfectly organized international meetings, presentations, talking groups and working groups with a broad range of stakeholders in Central Canton and TV commercials.


Rob is one of those guys who already understood in a very early stage the modern terms as Nation Building and Comprehensive Approach and just acted accordingly.


We have worked together intensely in getting this project from the ground.

Working with Rob Sentse is great and a great adventure.

He has got strong believes, he understands people, knows how to get things started and makes things happen. ..

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