81 Edwin Saiboo. Koninklijke Landmacht

Head of Expertise Center Command Control Support Land Based Operations. RNLA. LtCol


 . Major, RNLA.In Bosnia there was a need for rebuilding social networks.
Rob being a social worker within the Dutch SFOR taskforce launched several projects in close cooperation with Civil Military Cooperation and the upcoming local authorities at different levels of society on one hand and existing older social networks on the other hand.

The projects focused on shared ‘war’ experiences, that appeared to be existing within all social groups independent of religion and economical background.


The projects caught local media attention and the British and Canadian SFOR projects in the area of Banja Luka (BiH) became closely related due to Rob’s coordination.

Amongst the visible results, the local veterans cafés, the abused women gathering houses and emergency social support organization were the most upfront.

Moreover the local projects got their own dynamics independent of SFOR. SFOR took over this ‘Nation Building’ approach and launched it successfully on the national level.


Rob’s, at that time unconventional, comprehensive approach towards ‘Nation Building’ appeared to be remarkably successful. .

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