87 Scott Downey. Intelligence/OPFOR Chief at Stanford Research Institute

Senior Military Analyst, Quantum Research International. Operation Enduring Freedom, Taskforce Aegis, Kandahar.



Rob and I have collaborated extensively and shared ideas on the linkage between lethal and non-lethal targeting and effects, and how to develop an Information Operations plan to support the over arching campaign plan in a COIN environment. In addition Rob also has unique insight as to how Intelligence professionals can support the full spectrum of operations, not just the kinetic fight.


Rob has helped me extensively through his articles in understanding how ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) is driven by gaps in information, not only related to the insurgent forces, but across the entire Commander’s Lines of Effort.

Rob is on the cutting edge of contemporary COIN thinking and is one of those who “get it”. Intelligence professionals would all benefit from his articles and insights.

I have enjoyed his thoughts and ideas which really get to the heart of the complexity of Human Terrain centric, COIN, IO and ISR operations, and how staff integration is crucial to success 

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