25 Peter Gielen. Koninklijke Landmacht

Commanding Officer 100 Supply and Transport Battalion, Royal Netherlands Army


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26 Diego Chavez. Militair officier Chileens leger

Military Observers Team Site Leader - Aweil Team Site NBeG State, United Nations Mission in Sudan


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27 Edwin Saiboo. Koninklijke Landmacht

Head of Expertise Center Command Control Support Land Based Operations. RNLA. LtCol


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28 Richard van Harskamp. Koninklijke Landmacht

Commander, International Security Assistance Force. Colonel.



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29 Serge Doreleijers. Reserve officier Korps Mariniers

Project Officer, : UN, VNO-NCW (Dutch Employers´ Organization) and The Platform Defense – Dutch Business Community , LtCol. .

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30 Joel Harding. Amerikaans deskundige Informatie operaties, Cyber

Hired Rob in 2009 as a writer/editor for the United States Information Operations Journal. 


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